WEBBY Dance Company® offers action-packed, exciting and educational classes at your child’s school!

Webby Preschool Dance

WEBBY Preschool Dance classes are a combination of tap, ballet, creative movement and beginning tumbling. These classes incorporate over 250 choreographed dance routine along with age appropriate music. We introduce beginning ballet and tap technique in a creative atmosphere, so children and engaged while still learning! We use a variety of props such as pom poms, maracas, tambourine, leis and much much more.

Webby Gymnastics

WEBBY Gymnastics classes introduce basic tumbling and balancing skills with the use of obstacle courses, exciting routines and equipment. Children will gain confidence, strength, coordination and balance while learning forward rolls, back bends, beginning cartwheels and much more! We use a variety of tumbling equipment including balance beams, wedge mats, floor mats and much much more!

Webby 'All Boys'

WEBBY ‘All Boys’ classes are a great way for your boys to enjoy dance and creative movement. This class is upbeat and fast! We use many different props and equipment to keep your boys engaged and excited while they learn fun dance moves and also work on their strength and coordination. We introduce basic tumbling skills and work on balance and flexibility. This “ALL BOYS” class is a great way to introduce your boys to movement!

Webby Hip Hop & Jazz

WEBBY Hip Hop & Jazz classes are a fun and upbeat way to introduce children to today’s most exciting moves while they learn basic jazz technique. Starting with a basic warm up and stretches, then teaching technique across the floor, children will enjoy age appropriate music and movements! This class will increase flexibility, body awareness, and self confidence all in a fun and creative environment.

Webby Yoga

WEBBY Yoga classes introduce children to the fundamentals of yoga through imagery, balance and breathing techniques. Our yoga program is an engaging way to develop focusing skills and expand children’s imaginations, with the use of fun class themes. This class will increase balance, focus and coordination while encouraging children to have fun and be creative.

Webby Creative Movement

WEBBY Creative Movement classes introduce dance and movement with fun and creative weekly themes, such as “Down on the Farm”, and “Fun in the Sun”. Your child will use their imagination while learning dance skills and tumbling skills in an encouraging environment with age appropriate music and movement along with the use of many fun props like tambourine, maracas, leis and more! This class is a wonderful introduction to dance for preschool children as well as toddlers.